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Premium Turkish Cotton Towels in Purple Eggplant 8 pieces

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Wrap yourself in purple luxury with these ultra soft eggplant purple towels. They are made from 100% Premium Turkish Cotton which is known for its extraordinary softness.Be sure to launder them prior to using because they’ll continue to get softer with each washing.

The towels are vat dyed for 8 hours so the colors will stay bright. Natural, chemical free dyes are used to ensure a safer experience for you and the environment.

And, they come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Item Weight

4.16 pounds

Package Type

Standard Packaging

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Unit Count

1 Count


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Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash




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8-Piece Towel Set

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Product Dimensions

1"L x 1"W



Age Range Description

All Ages

Towel form type

Bath Towel

Date First Available

June 29, 2018

6 reviews for Premium Turkish Cotton Towels in Purple Eggplant 8 pieces

  1. PJ Arts

    Not a lot to add, because the headline pretty much sums it up. The color of the towels (turquoise) absolutely matches that of the images on Amazon. After following washing instructions, and drying the towels, they plumped up a lot. After using them the first time I had a big ol’ smile on my face because of how soft the washcloth was while cleaning myself; and, how extra soft the towel was coming out of the shower.

    After 3 washings, no color issues; and I really don’t get any more lint in the dryer trap than with other towels/washcloths. I’d like to get another set, so that I have 4 bath and hand towels…but, that would give me 12 washcloths, which is kind of excessive for just one guy.

    Without a doubt, I am very happy with the end-to-end quality of these towels/washcloths; and, absolutely recommend them to other Amazon buyers.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Softness and value

  3. Kindle Customer

    This is my second set that I purchased and I hope to only buy these. They are thick, soft and lasting. The only reason I did not give them a five star is because after many washing the dye still comes through. You must wash them separately because the dye will bleed into lighter color towels.

  4. greg wolfe

    Soft and absorbent. The color does not bleed or fade & matches the color of the advertised towels perfectly. I would buy from this company again should I need to.

  5. Aileen Welch

    I was surprised to find the texture of the bath towels to be different from the hand towels and washcloths. Then I looked at the
    attached labels and found that all of the
    towels, except the bath towels, were actually from Chakir. They were much softer and a more desirable texture then the bath
    towels, which were labeled from Turkuoise.
    I had ordered a separate set of 4 bath towels from Chakir and tried to order an 8
    piece set from Chakir so all the towels would be from the same manufacturer, but
    the color I wanted was only available from
    Chakir as a 6 piece set .
    So I ordered the 8 piece set from Turkuoise
    hoping that it would match my order of 4
    bath towels from Chakir. I am disappointed
    that the bath towels from Turkuoise do not seem to be of the same quality texture as the rest of the set, and the set of 4 bath towels I ordered from Chakir. How does it
    happen that towels from 2 different manufacturers are put together to make a
    set? I would have preferred the entire set of
    8 be from Chakir, but why did they offer 8
    piece sets on only certain colors? Either
    Chakir and Turkuoise are actually the same
    manufacturer, or some third party at a
    distribution center is making up sets using
    products from both because Chakir doesn’t
    offer the 8 piece set in pink. Since their ads
    description were almost identical I was
    expecting Turkouse towels to be of the same texture as Chakir, but they are not. I
    thought about returning this set and just
    ordering the 6 piece set from Chakir, but
    I want the extra washclothes. I am very
    satisfied with the texture and quality of
    all of the Chakir towels, so I decided to
    keep this jumbled up set.

  6. Jess Gus

    These are actually really nice towels. I searched and searched for a good bath sheet (large towel) for a while now. I’m glad these turned out good.

    Packaging was good. Nothing fancy but it was fine. You can see right through the plastic that these towels aren’t thin or flimsy. They were gleaming white and really soft. I saw a number of reviews complaining about them having areas with “bald” patches along with extreme link in the dryer and ending up on your skin! I DO NOT HAVE THOSE ISSUES!

    My towels are perfect. They are huge, super soft, a good thickness and medium weight so overall they aren’t too heavy. These are exactly what I wanted. You can barely tell the difference between my Ralph Lauren cotton towels and these.

    I highly recommend these towels if your looking for an oversized bath towel, that’s cotton, absorbent, soft and not thin & flimsy, then these are the towels for you!

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