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Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers with Purple Lids

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BAYCO glass containers include 3 types and 12 sizes:

Rectangle container: 2x370ml (1.6 cups),1x630ml(2.7 cups),1x1040ml (4.5 cups),

Square containers: 2x310ml(1.4 cups),1x530ml(2.3 cups),1x800ml(3.4 cups)

Round container: 2x390ml(1.7 cups),1x640ml(2.7 cups),1x970ml(4.1 cups)

Perfect for leftovers, picnic, portion control, work lunches, travel etc.

Containers are Oven safe below 752℉. And Dishwasher safe – easy to use and easy to clean.  Can also be used for freezer storage.

BPA Free. Bayco Glass Storage Containers are BPA Free, which will maintain the freshness and keep your food odorless. It's made out of borosilicate glass for easy heating and durability, and in order to prevent the rubber seal sticking to the glass containers, please wash the lids and glass containers before put them away.

Leakproof! These glass containers are great for holding liquids such as juice, soup and more.The snap locking system forms an airtight and watertight seal. You can use them over and over again. Please handle with care and do not stack containers without separating by plastic layer or something else to avoid friction and breakage

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Product Dimensions

6.9 x 5.2 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight

11.88 pounds

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Date First Available

November 21, 2019

6 reviews for Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers with Purple Lids

  1. TechBob

    We got rid of all the plastic containers and have gone all glass storage containers. These are of a good quality and the kids all fit properly and seal well. I would recommend these to anyone.

  2. Hebessica

    Shoutout to these glass storage containers. They’re both attractive and sturdy enough to withstand being inadvertently flung off the counter onto the kitchen floor and dishwasher as you try to remove the lid so you can microwave your leftover chicken and dumplings for dinner.
    10/10 for durability
    1/10 for the perhaps too-effective seal
    10/10 for my dumplings (they were still delicious)
    In other news, our dog is living his best life tonight and is diligently searching the floor for any remaining leftovers.

  3. Frequent shopper

    These are great glass containers for leftovers or portion control servings. The lids snap nicely, and are leakproof. The reason for 4 stars were 2 lids were boxed poorly and the snapping closure was bent and now does not seal properly. Not a problem for me as the other 3 snap closures work correctly.

  4. JohnnyV

    I bought these containers after reading on the ad that they are “microwave friendly”? I get them as requested and there is a card inside saying remove lids prior to using in microwave? Boool sheet!!! False advertising 100%

  5. julie persaud

    These storage containers have been great for us. We’ve had them for a couple months and have used them constantly without any problems. They arrived in perfect condition and were well packed. I stack them carefully to store and wash the glass and lids in the dishwasher. I never use heat dry so that’s maybe something to consider.

  6. SARAH

    All of it has been great, until yesterday when I found the biggest square container has chipped on the lip of on side and that led to a crack down the side to the bottom. I didn’t drop it or do anything to it that would make this happen… I just pulled it out of my lunchbox when I got home to put it in the dishwasher and found the crack…. I’m not sure what happened… it made me sad.

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