The Symbology of Violets

The Symbology of Violets

The Language of Violets

 A Journey through Time



In the quiet corners of gardens, nestled between lush greenery, you’ll often find a humble yet captivating flower – the violet. With its delicate petals and rich hues ranging from deep purple to soft white, it’s no wonder that this flower has been a favorite subject in art, literature, and even folklore for centuries. But did you know that violets carry a profound symbolic meaning that transcends cultures and time?

From the ancient Greeks to Victorian England, the violet has been steeped in a myriad of meanings.

The ancient Greeks saw violets as a symbol of love and fertility. They were often used in love potions and wedding ceremonies.

The Romans, on the other hand, associated violets with mourning and used them to decorate tombs. This duality – love and death – is perhaps what makes the violet so intriguing.

Fast forward to Medieval Europe where Christian monks called violets ‘Our Lady’s Modesty’ because of their shy nature of hiding amongst leaves. They became symbols of humility and modesty in religious art.

In Victorian England, where an entire language was built around flowers (floriography), violets held special significance. A bouquet of violets was not just an aesthetic choice but a message in itself. Purple violets symbolized devotion and white violets stood for innocence.

Today, we see echoes of these historical associations in our modern interpretations. We give bouquets of violets as tokens of affection or use them as metaphors for modesty or shyness in literature.

Beyond these symbolic interpretations lies another layer – one rooted in science. Violets are known for their ‘ionone’ – a compound that temporarily desensitizes our sense of smell after a few moments. This is why the scent of violets seems to disappear and then reappear, adding a sense of mystery to this already enchanting flower.

Here’s a little tip for people who have green thumbs: violets are not just beautiful but also useful for your garden. They attract pollinators, enrich the soil with nitrogen, and their leaves can be used as a nutritious addition to salads!

So next time you see a violet, remember that it’s not just a pretty face. It carries centuries of symbolism, stories of love and loss, humility, and devotion. It’s a testament to nature’s ability to inspire us and weave intricate narratives around even the smallest of its creations.

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The Mystical Enchantment of Purple Roses

The Mystical Enchantment of Purple Roses

The Mystical Enchantment of Purple Roses

 Purple roses have a divine scent unlike any other rose.


Deep Purple Rose w mist


I adore roses as most people do, but my very favorite is the purple rose. The color and scent have always brought joy to my senses and peace to my soul.

Years ago when I lived in Seattle, I had a beautiful lavender color rose bush in my front yard. Every summer it would produce gorgeous and deliciously fragrant blooms sometimes even blossoming well into October. Since it was more of a long stem rose variety than a bush, there were usually never more than 4 or 5 blooms at a time. Each bloom only lasted for a couple of weeks so I never cut any for the house. Instead, I made sure to alwaysstop and smell the roses” for a dose of purple bliss whenever I passed by – sigh.


In the language of flowers, every flower has a meaning of its own followed by the color of that flower. Roses in general represent Love. Therefore, the meaning of a “purple” rose is derived by combining the rose’s traditional meaning of “Love” with traditional meanings of the color purple – magic, royalty, and spirituality. Our result is majesty, enchantment, mystery, and spiritual love. Purple adds a magical vibe, an enchantment in love, and a deeper spiritual connection to earthly living.


From dark purple to lighter shades of lavender, these roses have become a popular addition to traditional romantic floral choices. With regard to color it is said that the lighter shades of purple such as lavender, represent enchantment at first site. If you have a crush on someone, sending them a lavender shade of rose would be a good color to let them know of your interest in them.

The deeper the shade of purple, the deeper the passion that is involved. Darker shades of purple roses can denote fascination, adoration, majesty, royalty, and deep spirituality.


Shades of Purple Roses


Along these lines, the spiritual and mystical overtones have made them the perfect flower for weddings. They represent a deep spiritual bond of love with the added touch of magic. They also serve to complement other flowers in the bouquet and arrangements, for example white, which brings the balancing element of purity to the event.

Spirituality / Meditation

Having purple roses around can help to enhance the spiritual vibration in your environment. If they also have fragrance, it can double the impact. During meditation sessions the added vibration of scent can result in even deeper levels of consciousness. Purple roses are also nice to have around when meditating on the higher chakras of the third eye and the crown chakra whose colors emanate in a range of violets.


Regarding fragrance, there are a variety of purple roses that produce varying levels of scent from light to very sweet. Unfortunately these days in the quest for the most beautiful blooms, many roses (not just purple ones) have had their fragrance traded for a more exotic bloom. They are no less beautiful, but personally I’m a fragrance freak and I want both. Roses should have a scent in my book. Am I right?

If you haven’t smelled a lavender colored rose you’ve got to check it out the next time you see one. They’re usually not available until sometime in spring with possible blooms in early summer so you may have to wait. Still, it’s something to look forward to and it’s something you’ll never forget.

If you’re shopping at garden centers or nurseries for the fragrant purple roses, be sure to confirm by smelling them if they have blooms before you buy them. If no blooms are open yet, read the description for the word fragrance on the label. If ordering them online or from your favorite garden center, again check that the listing has the word fragrance somewhere in the description.


When Shopping for Fragrant Roses of any color, look for the old garden varieties known as “Heirloom Roses”.  Heirloom Roses as a general rule still have their original fragrance.


When and Where to Buy Purple Roses

Rose plants generally become available for purchase at most greenhouses and garden centers in the spring.  In late summer, and early fall you can sometimes find excellent bargains online and at local nurseries.


Remember that life is short so….  

Always Take the Time to “Stop and Smell the Roses

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The Sweet Scent of Spring.

The Sweet Scent of Spring.

The Sweet Scent of Spring.


Nothing says “Spring” like hyacinths. Of the three colors available – pink, purple and white – purple has the most fragrance of all.

Around February, when my sanity is pushed to the max from endless dark, cold, snowy days of winter, I find a taste of spring at the grocery store’s floral department. That’s when they start putting out pots of daffodils, tulips, paperwhites and hyacinth in an array of colors. I always roll my shopping cart straight over for a little smell-fest.

I’ll find the biggest hyacinth on display, close my eyes, and lightly inhale. I’m immediately transported into the future with the promise of sunnier, warmer and greener days ahead. With one whiff I’m more peaceful and my entire attitude is transformed right there at the market.  Of course I have to purchase a few for my windowsill so that my game can continue at home – lol!

In the fall, I’ll plant them in my side garden so they’ll bloom again but somehow they never come up as big the following year. I think I need to separate out the bulbs better or something. I really should research it.

At any rate, if you feel yourself coming down with the winter blues head to the floral department at the grocery store, a florist, or to a garden center and bring home a few pots of these purple beauties. They’ll fill your home with the sweet scent of bliss and the promise of happier days to come.

Purple Peace Out!


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