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Square Dinnerware Set, 16pc, in Cobalt

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Stunning, deep blue/purple stoneware

This square service for four includes (4) each: 10” dinner plate, 7.25” salad plate, 7”/12 oz. soup bowl, 10.5 oz/3.25” square mug.

Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe to 500F, Microwave Safe


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6 reviews for Square Dinnerware Set, 16pc, in Cobalt

  1. Jessica

    Its good…durable but it does scratch after awhile. I had a set of 6 for about 4 years and decided to increase with the same set.

  2. Kindle Customer

    My only qualm with this set was one of the sauce dishes was all scratched up on one side. Other than that a couple light scratches on a couple pieces. Nothing too bad though other than the one sauce dish.

  3. Dave Hatharian

    Plates actually arrived a day early, and they look just as they appear in the pictures. I read the other reviews about varying thickness and unfinished undersides only after purchase (not my normal MO), but while the plates are varied in their thickness a little bit, it’s only very slightly so. They feel very good when holding them, and you would never notice any variation except for when you stack them on top of each other seeing them lined up. They then look slightly more handmade than anything else, which happens to be a quality I find interesting. I’ve attached a few images below to show what I’m explaining.

    As for the unfinished underside, this was not the case with any of the three sets I received. The entirety of the plate was finished: top, bottom, and sides. I’m not sure what happened with the previous reviewer’s set, but given my experiences with the seller the reviewer would have had a very positive experience if he/she had reached out to discuss that issue.

    My experience with the seller is also one of the most important aspects of the purchase. One of the plates arrived cracked (my suspicion is that it is the fault of the postal service and not the packing) and I contacted the seller to see if I could get a replacement. Not only did I get a response back within two hours, but the seller replaced the plate immediately, and also provided some additional plates as a thank you for my patience. I don’t know if the seller usually deals with individuals with hyper attention deficit disorder, but that was above and beyond any customer service in my opinion. This seller is one that will definitely stand by their products, so I will be buying from them again in the future.

    In summary, I’m happy with the quality of the plates, and blown away the exceptional customer service.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Sturdiness…heavy. bake or store…I love these dishware…

  5. Tanya

    We received this order in a box that looked like it was used as a speed bump for driving practice. That’s not the seller’s fault you know! ONE plate was broken. The company shipped out an entire second order. WOW. Well now we have enough dishes! They’re heavier than the Corelle we’re used to but that’s not so bad.

    These dishes aren’t perfect like the customer service of the seller. There are little imperfections in the glaze here and there on the plates. Pock holes. I don’t think they are big or numerous enough to be a problem. It’s a beautiful set and we’re happy with them. WE love the little dishes–when a person is eating lightly, they’re the perfect size for lots of things.

    Buy this set for a couple just starting out–it’s not fine china but nice easy-to-stack everyday stuff with lots of service pieces. Salt & pepper holes maybe a little too big. Talk about a small quibble? Really a great deal.

  6. Dave Hatharian

    While I made this purchase a few months ago. I opened immediately as I was so excited to get these. I have never had new dishes. I wanted something nice for myself and I loved the color. I spent a while looking for what I wanted. I was very disappointed when opening the box. Opened the large plates and a few others… ALL of them have discoloring around the edges, like the paint is thinner in spots. I was so upset I went to return them and it was going to cost $35 shipping to return them. And in getting covid and trying to work three jobs I did not get them back in time. So today I finally was tired of looking at the box in my kitchen and opened everything and started switching them out with my old dishes. I am more disappointed now then I was the first day I opened. While putting the plates in the cabinet they are not even.
    I try to do something nice for myself and I get crap. Almost $300 for this. SMH Very disappointed.

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