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Purple Plush Throw Blanket

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Stay warm and cozy with this sherpa fleece throw blanket in purple by Bedsure.

This dual sided microfiber blanket is super soft – fuzzy white fleece on one side and plush purple on the other.

Thick and luxurious the blanket measures 50″x 60″ and is perfect for the sofa, bedroom, the car, or anywhere really!

A great housewarming gift!


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Additional information



Fabric Type

100% Polyester

Number of pieces


Finish types


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item model number


Country of Origin






Included Components

1 blanket (50" x 60")

Item Weight

2.03 pounds

Number of Items


Unit Count

1.0 Count



Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash, Do Not Bleach


All, Winter, Fall, Spring





Product Dimensions

60"L x 50"W

Age Range Description


Blanket Form

Throw Blanket



Special Feature

Durable, Cozy, Warm, Soft



Batteries required


6 reviews for Purple Plush Throw Blanket

  1. RJ

    I was trying to find a heating blanket to keep my kids and I warm. I found this blanket and I bought it. I thought it was a heating blanket. But it isn’t. I love it! It super soft and my kids love the feeling of it. And it keeps us warm at night!

  2. Maggie

    I bought the king size navy blanket to use as a comforter for my bed. The navy color is beautiful and rich and it washes very well. The blanket is plush and cozy and is perfect for those cool WI nights when you want to be warm, but also want the window cracked open while you sleep. Best purchase ever!

  3. Amazon Customer

    My dog absolutely loves this blanket. It felt thinner than expected out of the box, but once washed and folded over, it felt much plusher. The dog loves it, so I guess it’s a good one. It’s not too heavy for the washer, which is nice.

  4. Juliet

    *Update 2:
    Three years later and I own two of these fleecy versions and four of the regular. My friend mentioned in this review gifted them to six people in her family for that same Christmas. They all loved it. All of them have held their color perfectly and are as soft as always, even after three years of washing. AND – as if by a miracle of Christmas Magic – they added CHRISTMAS-Y/WINTRY PATTERNS. I have a snowflake printed, red fleece-lined one that I swear, I must’ve stolen from Santa’s very own bed (good thing the elves can make him more, huh?).
    You really should buy this blanket. Or buy six. Your call. But I vote for six.*

    *Almost a year later, and I am a blanket evangelist. I stand by everything I’ve said in this original review. It washes well, holds its softness and color and is just… THE MOST AMAZING BLANKET EVER. Not only that, but they’ve added new colors and I may need another one, since I gave one to our dog.*

    This blanket. I don’t have words for the love that is this blanket. I thought about writing a love poem to it, but that seemed a bit much.

    But it needs a warning. You will buy one. You will love it. You will discover it is the softest, warmest, coziest blanket that has ever been made. In the history of blankets, there’s never been a better one. No, really. Not if cozy and soft are your goals, anyway.

    You will tell people about it. They will want one.

    It started with my navy one, in the larger size. Then I knew my best friend who has an obsession with both blankets and the color purple (because duh, purple is awesome) would want one. So I ordered her one as an early Christmas gift. She just finished telling me how she now needs at least three more for other places in the house. This was after she IM’d me with OMG I LOVE MY BLANKET.

    I sent my mom a large red one for her birthday. My nephew, who is six, helped her unpack it. When he took it out he gushed about how soft it was and how he loved it. He told her, Grandma I need to warm it up for you tonight. So she let him borrow it. I then ordered him a light blue one (as an early Christmas gift, to keep him warm while he waits for Santa), which is a good thing because the second night he told her, I’m just gonna borrow your blanket for one more night, okay Grandma? And how could she say no to that? So he was delighted when the next day his own blanket arrived in his very favorite color. Although he did make a point of telling me he likes green, too. So a green one would be okay.

    You will feel like you’re sleeping in Santa’s bed with this thing. It belongs in the North Pole. It makes me believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas, because really there is no other possible explanation for anything so cozy and soft and perfect. I want a red one. And a purple one.

    Did I mention that all of this has transpired in under a month? And I’ve got two more friends who want one.

    SEE? It should come with a warning label that says: Caution… everyone you know will want this blanket.

    Buy this blanket. You know you want to. You know you want to feel enveloped in its cozy embrace. Trust me. Pick a color and buy it. Buy three. You’ll need at least three. Especially if there are other people or pets in your house likely to steal yours.

    But whatever you do, stop looking for the perfect blanket. Because here it is. Right here. Waiting for you to love it and snuggle it. How can you refuse it’s fluffy softness? Do you have a cold, black heart? No? Then you have no choice. This blanket needs you. You need this blanket. It’s perfect. It will be one of the best relationships of your life.


  5. Jorge

    Soon as it got home i put it to wash and dry right away. It fluffed up so nicely and hardly any lint came off which tells the its high quality! Man o man impressed for sure oh and don’t stay in bed too long you wont want to get up thats how great it is, i been in bed for 6 weeks now 😂 10 stars if they had the option 🤝👍🏼

  6. Jorge

    I Just moved from FL to TN. I’m 76, and not used to the Seasonal chill. Besides that, I’m living in a 5th wheel RV.
    I wrapped this BEAUTIFUL BLANKET, around Me, and immediately became immersed, in its SOFT, CUDDLY, WARMTH.
    I slept like a Baby! LOL

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