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Expandable Purple Pet Carrier with Fleece Pad

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This expandable pet carrier is airline approved and can be extended on 3 sides. Suitable for small or medium cats and dogs up to 12 pounds.

The 5 sided mesh design of this pet travel bag provides plenty of breathability and visibility in any situation, allowing your pet to observe the outside world.

With 3 expandable compartments, this cat carrier provides additional space on 3 sides so the pet can stand up and turn around without crouching.

This pet travel bag can be strapped securely to the front car seat with a seat belt and shoulder strap, keeping your pet restrained and safe while driving. Meets TSA and IATA requirements for under-seat use.

This airline-approved dog carrier is made of high-grade polyester and mesh, which will not cause the top to collapse. Self-locking zipper design of pet carriers give your pet a spacious space, ensuring the safety of your pet.


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17.5 x 12 x 11.5 inches, 2.5 Pounds

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June 14, 2022



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6 reviews for Expandable Purple Pet Carrier with Fleece Pad

  1. Ivy

    I really like the expanded parts. It is also very easy to clean, esp the bottom carpet part. Easy to assemble. My cats chill in the bag frequently.

  2. Kim

    i just got this in the mail so i haven’t had a chance to see if my cat likes it, but from first glance it seems like everything i was looking for! it expands perfectly, is super sturdy and holds its shape (so far), and i love the wool (??) mat that it comes with! i hope rowan likes it, as he’ll be in it for a couple hours total in the car on the way to the airport, on a plane, and back in a car to my new apartment! i would say this is definitely worth the price since every other carrier like this at petsmart and petco is priced $60-70 or higher!

  3. megan k

    super easy to assemble and expand. it has a couple pockets on the outside and even has a sort of leash on the inside so you can clip your kitty’s collar or harness so they can’t escape when it’s unzipped. unfortunately my kitten had to be put down due to FIP so i only got to use the carrier a few times but my sister has the purple one and it’s perfect for when she flies home from university with her kitty for vet visits.

  4. Stranded Candid

    **I’ve got stray kittens outside and have seen warnings not to use a metal trap, because it could kill them**. The netting on this carrier is quite tough. I felt sure I could not rip it with my bare hands, so I used it to trap the kittens by expanding the carrier, at the far end and setting some tuna back there. The carrier is long enough that I could have used it to also trap their mother, simultaneously, who appears pregnant again, by expanding the carrier on all sides. It’s definitely large enough that I could have trapped both kittens simultaneously.

    I knew the trick was going to be getting the ‘front’ entrance zipped closed quickly enough, once the kittens were inside. I was able to do that by leaving the entrance only partially open, at first, so that it wouldn’t take as long to zip it closed, once the kittens were inside. I thought of setting the whole thing on a window screen so that the kittens wouldn’t be as aware that they were moving, once I started to carry them, but I just went with it, as is. The drawback was that they were more startled, when I started moving, which temporarily scared the mother off.

    Be aware that if you are going to spay or neuter through a public entity, they may require cats to be transported in a hardshell carrier, so you may have to borrow or buy one and transfer the kittens into it. Do that in a bathroom or small space, so if the kittens don’t go into the other carrier, it will be fairly easy to trap them again.

    This carrier was expensive but served my purposes very well and looks durable enough to last several years.

  5. Kim

    This carrier is fantastic love that it folds out for more room for long rd trips to the beach, KoKo is super comfy in it the faux,sheepskin,that came inside for a little,extra cushion is very nice, I have not had any issues with,the zipper, i usually,leave one side up and arrange the,straps so that I can carry here anywhere without getting squished, and she can see where, what an who we are,going to see, ive had this now for 4,months, she,is now 5 pounds an still has tons of room

  6. Amazon Customer

    I have a five pound, 15 year old dog who sleeps with me at night. The bed is too high for her to get off to use the bathroom or get a drink. I purchased this bag for this purpose. Her water bowl goes in the back and her puppy pad fits on one side. No more accidents on the bed. It is so easy to fold and unfold. It takes just a min to set up. Lots of air flow and I feel better knowing she is safe and she feels better being able to sleep on the bed with me.

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