Purple Diamond Pillar Candle No3 – Glow in the Dark


Great under a black light!

The Purple Diamond Pillar Candle emits a gentle, aqua glow after exposure to light.

Purple Galaxy Candles are perfect as a meditation candles helping to quiet the mind and enhance the imagination.

The candle is beautiful without a flame, but light it on occasion for a whole new visual as it melts.

All of our candles are individually handcrafted and take two days to create from start to finish.

This Candle is Incredible With or Without a Black Light!

With a black light: watch it glow with immediate intensity. Once the lights are out it will continue to glow while gently fading for up to 3 hours.

Without a black light: you can charge its inner glow by keeping it under a bright light for at least 10 minutes. It loves UV rays so the longer the better.


Perfect for those who are scent sensitive or have allergies



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Size:  9″ (22.86cm) high. 4"x 2" (10.16cm x 5.08) diamond base

Weight:  18.2 oz (516gm) - without packaging **Exact dimensions and weight will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of each candle.


Photos with a white background were taken in normal light. Photos with a blue or purple background were taken under black lights.


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