Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum with Spiral and Stars


Clear Quartz is Very Versatile.

Quartz has been used for thousands of years. The most notable, is the use of quartz and other gemstones in clocks and watches. Quartz amplifies energy and directs it with great intensity. It has been used to promote clarity of thought, and helps to connect with the higher self, resulting in higher awareness. Quartz is a powerful healing stone for any condition.

The quartz used on this pendulum has tiny inclusions lending an individuality to it’s beauty. The accents used are hematite stars and beads, with a twinkling Swarovski Star finishing the piece.

The spiral, the chain and the components are made with Argentium Silver which is a purer form of silver than what is in sterling silver and is slower to tarnish. Each section is carefully wire-wrapped by hand onto the next section for longevity.



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Full Length: 10.75 inches (27.305cm)

- Clear Swarovski Star Bob: 1.20 inches (3.048cm)

Caring For Your Pendulum

The Pendulum’s cap is sterling silver and will tarnish. To clean, either gently rub with your fingers, or use a small soft polishing cloth. Never use liquid-dip style jewelry cleaners as the caustic chemicals will eventually eat the metals and will ruin the vibration of any stones.


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