Blue Lapis Lazuli Pendulum


Lapis has been used since ancient times to activate the higher mind and aids in learning and retaining information. It is said to help stimulate wisdom and good judgment creating new ideas for inventors and writers. It brings inner peace, wisdom, and freedom from negative thoughts.

In ancient Egypt, the deep cobalt blue color symbolically served as the spiritual nighttime sky with the gold flecks of pyrite seen as the stars. By meditating on these colors they believed the supernatural forces would transform their lives.

The blue glass cut-crystal on this lapis pendulum has sterling silver and silver-tone components. Each section is carefully wire-wrapped by hand onto the next section for longevity.



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Full Length: 10.75 inches (27.305cm)

- Lapis Bob: 1.25 inches (3.175cm)

Caring for Your Pendulum

The Pendulum’s cap and other parts are sterling silver and will tarnish. To clean, either gently rub with your fingers, or use a small soft polishing cloth. Never use liquid-dip style jewelry cleaners as the caustic chemicals will eventually eat the metals and will ruin the vibration of any stones.



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